Dear PLMHSC Members and PLMSC Members

As you know IHSA is dedicated to increasing awareness of the need for workplace injury prevention to as wide an audience possible. One of the primary safety issue for the member industries served by IHSA relates to workplace falls. Falls are a major cause of injury and death in Ontario workplaces and a majority of these incidents involve falls from heights.

As our valued committee members, we are urging you to participate in this year’s Keep Your Promise – Do Your Part campaign. While this is an ongoing longer-term campaign, a week-long Falls Awareness Week will also take place from May 7-11, 2018. This is Ontario’s first week-long awareness campaign to bring attention to falls in construction.

Further to the IHSA Keep Your Promise message campaign, the purpose of Ontario’s first Falls Awareness Week is to remind workplace parties, employers and workers about the importance of their roles in preventing workplace injuries and fatalities stemming from working at heights. Falls Awareness Week is a voluntary opportunity for employers and workers to start a discussion by having a safety talk around fall hazards on the worksite.

Your organizations, unions, and associations can participate in this year’s campaign by instructing supervisors to simply take 15-30 minutes, anytime during your workday from May 7 – 11, 2018, to stop work on their worksite and hold a safety talk about falls prevention and safely working at heights.

IHSA has developed information materials to help hold a successful discussion on the topic of safely working at heights. The free, downloadable resources such as safety talks, magazines and brochures will be available at or by emailing to receive a package of printed materials.

Best regards,

Dean Dunn

Director, Stakeholder and Client Engagement





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