Notice to all members of the Ontario Sheet Metal Workers’ & Roofers’ Conference

The Canadian, Ontario and many municipal governments (as well as most other provinces and territories) have recently instituted legislation and regulations requiring proof of vaccination for individuals in their employment as well as for access to many indoor facilities.  Employers in Ontario are also instituting vaccine policies that will directly impact people working in Construction. This includes roofers, sheet metal workers and sheeting and deckers.

Considering these policies and legislative requirements the elected leadership of the Ontario Sheet Metal Workers and Roofers Conference strongly encourages all Roofers and Sheet Metal members in Ontario to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.  If you have a medical exemption or are simply unsure if you can be vaccinated safely we urge you to seek the required medical advice necessary to determine if you may be one of the very few individuals that could qualify for an exemption to the requirements to be vaccinated.

Our union supports Public Health directions on vaccines and are committed to encouraging our members to take precautions to protect themselves at work and their families at home.  The Covid-19 vaccines are safe, and they are effective.

The decision to be, or not to be, vaccinated remains an individual choice.  As such we do not support mandatory vaccinations in order to work in every workplace or jobsite.   If our members choose to go unvaccinated and can work safely in the workplace we will strive to ensure that is possible, in the appropriate circumstances.  However, the Union wishes to make it very clear to all members in Ontario that it may be extremely difficult to challenge certain vaccination policies successfully.

It is important for our members to be aware that the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.  For the prevention of Covid-19 this may require, in many circumstances, for our members to be vaccinated and/or demonstrate that they have a negative test before reporting to work.  Absent being vaccinated and/or testing negative for Covid-19, a member may be found to be unfit for duty and be sent home from the workplace.

If you have any questions about being vaccinated, please get advice from an Ontario licensed physician.

We emphasize that absent compelling medical reasons you may need to be vaccinated to work on most jobsites.  Choosing not to be vaccinated may significantly reduce your employment opportunities.

As always if you have any questions regarding vaccinations policies on jobsites please contact your Union representative.