Notice to all members of Sheet Metal Workers International Association employed in ICI Roofing in the Province of Ontario

April 11, 2022

On behalf of the Roofing Negotiating Committee and your elected leadership in Ontario we are writing to provide an update to 2022 Roofing Negotiations.

As many of you know, the Negotiating Committee has met with representatives from the Roofing Employers’ Association over the past few months in order to negotiate a renewal to the Roofing ICI Collective Agreement.  These discussions have focused on local union issues, establishing a training program for apprentices, and addressing the Employers’ increase need for workers.

On April 6th and 7th, the Union met with the Employers’ Association to negotiate on all matters to renew the Collective Agreement.  The negotiations went well and are ongoing.  But there is still much work that needs to be done on both sides.  The Negotiating Committee is scheduled to return to the bargaining table on April 25th and 26th.  The Union and the Employer Association have also agreed to meet on May 4th, 2022, if necessary.  

In an effort to promote further progress in bargaining, the Negotiating Committee and the Employers’ Association entered into an agreement that allows for bargaining to continue past April 30th, 2022, if necessary.  Any and all negotiated monetary increases will be applied retroactively to May 1, 2022.

There will be ongoing updates on negotiations as matters progress.

Please return to this webpage or your Local’s website and/or social media for all future updates.

And please contact your Business Manager and Representatives directly if you have any questions.

In Solidarity,

2022 Roofing Negotiating Committee