Roofing Bargaining Update – May 20, 2022

Notice to all members of Sheet Metal Workers International Association employed in ICI Roofing in the Province of Ontario

May 20, 2022

The Roofing Negotiating Committee and your Ontario elected leadership are writing to provide the most recent update to 2022 Roofing Negotiations. Your Negotiating Committee met with representatives from the Roofing Employers’ Association on Thursday May 19 and Friday May 20, 2022.

The Roofing Negotiating Committee was successfully able to resolve all outstanding language and Travel and Board Allowance matters.  However we do not yet have a Monetary Package that we can agree to.  At this time there is no Tentative Agreement, and we cannot schedule ratification votes.

Your Negotiating Committee is committed to negotiating the strongest Tentative Agreement possible.  Once we have a Tentative Agreement that we can recommend to the membership we will schedule ratification votes right away.

We are scheduled to return to bargaining with representatives from the Roofing Employers’ Association on Thursday May 26 and, if necessary, Friday May 27, 2022.  We will be asking for the assistance of a Conciliation Officer (Government Appointed Mediator) to mediate a fair Monetary Package.  In the event that a Tentative Agreement cannot be reached it may be necessary to schedule a strike.  

Your Negotiating Committee will provide a further update on negotiations as information becomes available

Please return to this webpage or your Local’s website and/or social media for all future updates.

In Solidarity

2022 Roofing Negotiating Committee

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