The Ontario Sheet Metal Workers’ and Roofers’ Conference

The Ontario Sheet Metal Workers’ and Roofers’ Conference (OSMWRC) was established in 1978 to co-ordinate and facilitate provincial wide collective bargaining for both sheet metal workers and roofers. Along with being the Employee Bargaining Agent or ‘EBA’ for both groups, the OSMWRC acts as a coordinating body with a Board of Directors comprised of leaders from the various Locals in the Province of Ontario. The OSMWRC helps to represent those locals in legal matters, industry circles, politics, and in the greater community through involvement and partnerships.

We are committed to ensuring our members continue to possess the necessary skills that have been passed down through generations as well as being trained to work with the latest technology in a safe and efficient manner, thereby ensuring that our companies deliver quality.

We invite all Roofers and Sheet Metal Workers to join our organization. Whether you’re an apprentice, a material handler, a sheet metal worker, sider and decker or a roofer, there’s a spot for you and your family in our union!


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